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Fortnite decides not to have support for the Steam Deck console, here are the reasons

A new console will enter the competition on February 25. It is a portable device called Steam Deck which has a screen in the central part and two joysticks at the ends, the same distribution as the Nintendo Switch.

Gabe Newell’s company has created a laptop that will use the Steam OS 3.0 operating system natively, which allows you to open your account and enjoy all the games in your library.

Of course, some of them will be optimized for this small screen and will have to adapt their performance. On the other hand, the most demanding titles will not be able to run at 120fps or higher at higher resolutions.

What is surprising is the refusal on the part of Epic Games regarding the support of Fortnite on Steam Deck. “Fortnite no, but we are doing a lot of effort to maximize the compatibility of Easy Anti Cheat with Steam Deck,” said Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games.

Other games that do use Epic Games’ anti-cheat system will be able to run naturally on the console, but not Battle Royale. Remember that you can install Windows if you wish on the Steam Deck, including downloading the Epic Games Store client.

Steam Deck Price

  • Steam Deck: 64 GB + case + eMMC storage: $399
  • Steam Deck: 256GB + Case + eMMC Storage + Steam Profile Bundle: $529
  • Steam Deck:512GB + Case + Screen Protector + NVMe SSD + Steam Profile Bundle + Exclusive Theme Virtual Keyboard: $649.}

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