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Fortnite: guide to get these free skins for Christmas

The holiday season arrives with free skins on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Players can get up to three free skins between December and January. These can be redeemed as WinterFest gifts or as gifts from the Item Shop.

Fortnite WinterFest 2021 started on December 16 and will continue until January 6. During this period, players can get 14 free rewards as gifts from Sergeant Winter. Fortunately, two of these gifts are free skins and completely new to the Battle Royale.

On the other hand, Epic Games also decided to celebrate Epic Games Christmas sale by giving away another free skin at Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Players can obtain this by logging into the game using the Epic Games launcher.

FORTNITE | How to claim skins

Two of the three free skins are rewards from Fortnite WinterFest 2021. This includes Krisabelle and Frozen Peely. Both masks can be claimed from the gifts distributed by Sergeant Winter.

Players can claim the Frozen Peely skin for free once Fresh Aura’s frozen blue present is completely thawed. This could be towards the end of the WinterFest 2021 event.

To claim the free Krisabelle mask, players will need to unwrap Fresh Aura’s largest orange gift. This can only be done once players unwrap all of the gifts blocking the way to this box. This means that Loopers cannot claim the free Krisabelle until the seventh day of WinterFest 2021.

The third free skin that players can get is Blizabelle. Epic Games is gifting this skin to everyone who logs into the game using the Epic Games launcher until January 6, 2022. Unfortunately, this reward is not available for console players.

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