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Fortnite: how to complete the missions of “The Device” in Season 1 of Chapter 3

The map is upside down, in a literal sense. Fortnite Battle Royale summoned gamers from around the world to fight against the Queen of the Cube but few imagined the end of chapter 2: everything was flooded and the players were stranded at sea.

In the distance, little by little the island began to turn like a coin; thus revealing the new setting for Season 1 of Chapter 3. As is to be expected, this update carries challenges and missions to obtain rewards.

How to complete the event “The device”

Pick up the device (0/1), reward 25000 XP: the device is found in six locations on the map; it is only necessary to interact with the device.

  1. North of Abandoned Sawmill
  2. East from Daily Buggle
  3. There are three devices to the east of the sanctuary and one in this same location
  4. In the center of the map, next to the lake, south of Creamy Crossing
  5. Sur del CacerĂ­o Cholesterol
  6. South Canyon Condo

Receive your next objective on the Launch Pad (0/1), reward 25000 PE: they will ask us to land in a game on the large island that has been formed in the eastern part of the map. When you’ve arrived, a conversation will be triggered.

Destroy signal inhibitors in the same game (0/3), reward: 25,000 Season XP: On the same islet, you will find five devices on the coast that you must destroy.

Receive your next objective in Monumental Monument (0/1), reward: 25,000 PE: then you must deploy on the other large island in the east, the one with the largest sand surface. There you will hear your next mission.

Place surveillance cameras in the same game (0/2), reward: 25,000 XP: like the second mission, there are five places near the coast where you can place the cameras.

Receive your next objective in The Jonesys (0/1), reward: 25,000 PE: finally, you must visit The Jonesys to activate the next mission.

Place supplies in the same game (0/3), reward: 25,000 XP: close the missions by placing supplies at the points that have an exclamation point.

New Fortnite map (Epic Games)

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