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Fortnite is giving away all this loot for International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, Fortnite Celebrate women with free items to redeem, featured islands created by women, and an iconic roster of idol radio artists. She also released an invite for the “Women of the eRena” tournaments in April.

There are four special items available for free in the item shop that the community of Fortnite you can download from March 8 to 15.

  • Per Aspera ad Astra wrapper
  • heart shape gesture
  • Room Theme I Am Fearless (Music by Emmy Meli)
  • Graffiti Gatowink and Little Button

As of March 9, the players of Fortnite you can jump into the creative hub of Redcap Village, created by dummblond. This hub will highlight famous and exceptional islands created by women. By the same date there will be a section “Tribute to women” on the Discover page.

Speaking of Creative, the Salute to Women flag item was added to the game earlier this month.

For its part, Women of the eRena (WOTE) In collaboration with Fortnite will consist of three invitational tournaments, each with a prize pool of $75,000. The first tournament will start on Sunday, April 10. The event will be produced by eFuse.

FORTNITE CHAPTER 3 | Weekly Challenge

  • Use a Curasoda (0/1) – Reward: 25,000 Season XP
  • Throw a medkit, bandage or shield potion of any kind while sliding (0/3) – Reward: 25,000 Season XP
  • Open food boxes in Condo Canyon or Fishing Town (0/5) – Reward: 25,000 Season PE
  • Collect metal in Shipwreck Slide, Los Molinos or Blighted Shores (0/100) – Reward: 25,000 Season PE
  • Collect Bars (0/300) – Reward: 25,000 Season XP
  • Damage enemies with a Pump and Ram Shotgun (0/200) – Reward: 25,000 Season XP
  • Use a Healthy Splash at a gas station (0/1) – Reward: 25,000 Season PE

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