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Fortnite made all these changes in patch 21.00v

The update 21.00 of Fortnite is now available on all Epic Games servers. The developers have made several adjustments to improve the gameplay experience, as well as balance weapon performance to make matches more fair.

Fortnite is a video game in which every detail counts on the battlefield. Knowing about the changes in Update 21.00 helps you make adjustments to your playstyle tactics to take advantage of the system changes to take down your opponents efficiently.

Pay attention to the data we share about patch 21.00 of Fortnitewhich includes changes to weapon stats and a new item that will energize your future encounters.

FORTNITE | Patch Notes 21.00


  • New weapon for the game: Hook Glove
  • We can obtain them in the hook glove tool boxes in various locations throughout the island.
  • Its operation is very similar to that of the Spider-Man web launchers from season 1

Weapon Stat Changes

  • Increased pellet damage, minimum pellet counter, accuracy, and maximum damage limit of the 2-shot shotgun
  • Hammer Assault Rifle recoil reduced
  • Combat SMG damage has been reduced
  • Increased the recoil of the first bullet of the Ram Rifle (Burst Assault)
  • Ram Rifle (Burst Assault) damage reduced

FORTNITE | Points for Level 100

Given how complicated the current XP grind is in the game, reaching level 100 seems like a very difficult task. If you are one of those who do math to get an XP calculation per day until the end of the season, here we tell you how much XP is needed to achieve your goal.

From now on, the players of Fortnite They will need to collect 80,000 XP to pass a level in Fortnite. To get to level 100 in the game, players will need to collect a whopping 7,192,000 XP over the next few months if they want to make the most of the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass.

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