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Fortnite: Players can vote for the NBA 75 emote for the Battle Royale

Fortnite returns strong to the world of American basketball. The NBA 75th Anniversary season and NBA All-Star 2022 will be celebrated with a special Battle Royale event developed by Epic Games.

While fan voting decides who will play in NBA All-Star, players can vote for the NBA celebration they’d like to see as an emote for Fortnite until February 23. The voting process is now available in the NBA 75 All-Star hub, created by the team at Atlas Creative.

On the screen of “Vote for Emote” found in the NBA track, users will be able to decide which celebration they want as a gesture. You’ll be able to choose from three iconic celebrations from the members of the 2022 NBA All-Star team.

As if that weren’t enough, loopers will find new and old outfits in the item shop, as well as a new backpacking accessory to represent your favorite team.

When it comes to cosmetic outfits, the ten costumes in the On Paper set include the uniforms of all 30 NBA teams. Added to this are two new uniforms: All-Star ’22 red and All-Star ’22 gray.

FORTNITE | Important bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some players only had two tent slots available instead of three.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile where building pieces would not be placed after players double-tapped the associated icon.
  • Fixed a bug that only occurred in competitive queues and caused eliminated players to drop Spider-Man’s web shooters at 20 uses even if they weren’t maxed out before the player was eliminated.

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