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Fortnite: the most interesting points of the new map of Chapter 3

A lot of action is coming in Fortnite With the arrival of Chapter 3 Season 1. The Battle Royale developed by Epic Games already made the change of the island this Sunday, December 5, 2021, including new areas and secrets.

The map of Fortnite It has changed with extensive areas of snow, being more than 60% approximately of the total hectares. The new zones are as follows:

  • Abandoned Sawmill
  • Loving Camp
  • Canyon Condo
  • Cholesterol farmhouse
  • Hot Reels
  • Chonker Circuit
  • Creamy Cross
  • The Daily Bugle
  • The sanctuary
  • The Jonesys
  • Fishing village
  • Tortuous Tunnels

The most interesting points of the new map of Fortnite are The Daily Bugle and El Santuario. The first is an urban area located in the northeast part of the island. The Daily Bugle refers to the Spider-Man universe, precisely the newspaper where Peter Parker works as a photographer. The area is full of spider webs in true Marvel style.

New Fortnite map (Epic Games)

The other area that deserves the attention of the players of Fortnite it is The sanctuary, the base of operations of Los Siete, whose leader is The Foundation. It is located in the eastern part of the island, near the center. There you will see a huge statue and it consists of a military complex with underground bunkers.

FORTNITE | Closing Chapter 2

Did you manage to connect to the servers of Fortnite? normally when Epic games Summons Battle Royale gamers around the world for an event, games crash. Faced with this situation, the company shares everything through YouTube and Twitch.

Because you missed the final event of Chapter 2, here we tell you everything that happened. At first, the cube reappeared on the map, while the Queen of the Pyramid fought the players.

Corruption opened several portals from which gigantic creatures emerged that attacked everything within reach. Curiously, the cube was the one who defended the gamers, until it was finally destroyed.

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