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Fortnite will feature skins from the Uncharted movie and video games

On February 18, Columbia Pictures and PlayStation Productions will bring the first film adaptation of the saga to the big screen. Uncharted. Tom Holland plays Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg is Sully.

Without a doubt, it is one of Sony’s most ambitious projects outside of video games and the PlayStation 5 console. As expected, a little less than a week after the premiere, the advertising campaign has begun.

Recently, the youtuber El Rubius has shared a fun challenge that Holland gave him: find a pirate ship in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Barcelona. On the other hand, fortnite battle royale It will also have aesthetic content from the tape.

Epic Games shared a promotional video where you can see the new shooter skins. You will be able to play as Tom Holland and Sophia Ali, in their respective roles as Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer.

In turn, they have been added to the characters of the video game saga of the PlayStation consoles. Both will arrive alongside the Second Hand Saber and Parashurama pickaxes, the new Sully’s Seaplane glider, the Update Journal emote, and a backpack.

All this content will be available on February 17 in the Battle Royale.

Uncharted comes to Fortnite

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