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Fortnite would introduce Morbius as a playable character

Fortnite It has become one of the most popular advertising windows in the world. Through the video game not only concerts are held, but we also see characters appear from time to time. For example, after the premiere of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus, Darth Vader arrived at Battle Royale.

Well, recently, the possible next playable character was leaked and belongs to Marvel and Sony. We refer to Morbius, the vampire who has already passed through the big screen and who would have a sequel for the next few years.

The user of Reddit Babe HD shared a screenshot of the PlayStation Store hinting that Morbius would arrive in the shooter. The background that was used behind the game’s logo is exactly the same as the movie poster.

Fortnite would introduce Morbius as a playable character. (Photo: BabenHD)

Will the tape starring Jared Leto have an announcement soon? The same actor has shared a video on social networks of him where he makes fun of the possible name of the sequel.

However, Sony, Marvel or Fortnite have ruled on the case. There is no trailer, official announcement or photos of the skin that would arrive at the Battle Royale. We will have to wait for the development of season 3 of chapter 3 of Fortnite to know what Epic Games has prepared for us.

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