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Free Fire: all settings made by Garena in the gameplay

Free fire has made several changes. We’ve already gone through the settings made to the characters and weapons, but what about the gameplay? Here we tell you all those details that will affect your experience, either for better or for worse. Opinions are divided, so your own experience will shed more light on these changes made by Garena.

The first change is related to attendance notifications. From now on, assists will be displayed on the HUD. “It was a bit difficult to tell if the enemy you had wounded was taken down by your teammates or not. We’ve added support notifications in this patch so you know when a teammate has downed (or stolen your kill chance) an enemy you’ve attacked. “Garena notes.

Another change is related to the marking system: you can now mark more targets, including enemy locations. “We optimized the marker so that you can pin almost everything that is visible on the map. You can also double tap to pin enemy locations! “Garena notes.

FREE FIRE | Camera changes

Added settings to activate while skydiving. “We added a new option in the Camera so you can have more freedom to look around you while parachuting and keep a clean HUD when you are on the ground.”

FREE FIRE | Options when running

Players will have the option to run 2-in-1, meaning drag and drop can now be combined in the “Run” settings.

FREE FIRE | Other optimizations

  • Clan Leaders and Veterans can now set a minimum Squad Duel rank for applicants.
  • Players using radio commands will now blink on the minimap.
  • Players will now automatically receive gloo walls in the Training Grounds combat zone.
  • Optimized the display of Universal Fragments in the level up menu.
  • Hardcore Mode now supports custom rooms.
  • Optimized melee weapon animations.
  • Optimization of special effects for battle tags.
  • Optimized display of graphics when outside the playing area to increase visibility.
  • Screen cooling optimization for personal airdrops.
  • Map area names are now displayed on the ground when parachuting in Battle Royale.
  • The volume of knockout streak notifications can now be adjusted.
  • Dynamic Game Zone now available in custom Squad Showdown rooms.
  • Players can now add aliases for their friends.
  • Special effects on weapons and skins will no longer activate while in combat.

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