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Free Fire: everything you need to know about Squad BEATz to win the rewards

free fire always looking for new ways to entertain the community. One of them, and the most recent, is Squad BEATz and it tells the story of four young people through the characters Alvaro, Notora, Shirou and Kapella. The dynamics are simple and will require you to play several Garena modes. We tell you what it consists of.

To advance in the event Squad BEATzthe users of free fire You will need to obtain BEATz Tokens – Ruby by playing Battle Royale, Dueling Squads, Parchipets, and using the Daily Log. The tokens are used to progress in the Gem Shuffle and the main map. That way, you can get stars and unlock rewards.

FREE FIRE | Gem Shuffle Data

  • It is advised to keep a record of level goals and remaining moves. To remove the blocks, you need to match two or more identical blocks. Reach the target within a specified number of moves.
  • Boosters: Matching 5-6 identical blocks will generate a boost that removes vertically and horizontally. Doing the same with 7 blocks will generate a boost that removes nearby blocks and with 8 blocks all blocks of the same color will be removed.
  • Star Rating – The number of steps remaining will determine how many stars you will receive.
  • Use 1 token to play and 2 tokens to skip the level, but that will only give you one star. If you spend 3 tokens in Drone Supply, you can exchange them for a star.
New campaign available in Free Fire

FREE FIRE | rewards

New campaign available in Free Fire
New campaign available in Free Fire

FREE FIRE | Parchipets

Just like the board game, players of free fire They must roll a die to advance. In case you get 6, you can have an extra shot.

The board of “Parchipets” has safe blocks that players can use to avoid being “eaten” by rivals, that is, not to return to the starting point if a player lands in the same place as your piece.

If you are interested in playing this type of games, just activate the “Parchipets” mode from the main menu. You can win special prizes according to the victories you get. It will be available for a limited time only.

FREE FIRE | “Let’s Play Parcheesi” Awards

  • Ruby BEATz Tokens – Play a game of “Parchipets”
  • BEATz Rubí Tokens – Play three games of “Parchimascotas”
  • BEATz Rubí Tokens – Play five games of “Parchimascotas”

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