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Free Fire: guide to creating your own custom room like the Factory Challenge

Factory Challenge is a popular mode Free fire created by the game community, and many are interested in trying it out. Essentially, a custom room needs to be created, with everyone jumping to the top of the Factory location on the Bermuda map. Later, they all engage in fistfights, and the last one standing is the winner.

However, not everyone knows the steps to create a custom room in Free fire and play the Factory Challenge.

Before starting, users should know that to create a private game in Free fire, they must have a room card (Custom Room Card).

FREE FIRE | How to make your own room

Here are the steps to create a custom room:

  • Players must open Free fire and then touch the mode change option. You can find it above “Start” on the main screen.
  • Then you must press the ‘Custom’ button to be redirected to the custom room tab.
  • In doing so, you need to click on the ‘Create’ option and complete the needs such as selecting the map, setting a password, and choosing the team mode.
  • They can then head over to the ‘Game’ tab and change other settings. This can be done according to your preferences.
  • After providing the necessary information, users can hit ‘Confirm’ and create their custom room. Later, they can invite their friends to play the Factory Challenge .

Room cards can be purchased free of charge through events. However, no such event is currently running in the game, and the only other option is to purchase it directly from the in-game store.

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