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Free Fire guide to get up to 90% discount on outfits with “Bargain Party”

The Trading Party event free fire Y Free Fire MAX is available on all servers from today until June 28. The dynamic offers to save diamonds on exclusive outfits, so we will tell you how to make the exchange so that you can get the best of the inventory.

The players of free fire they can get all the rewards with up to 90% discount. The first thing you should do is choose an item to start trading. You can trade once for each item for yourself.

In order to achieve a better negotiation, the players of free fire they can invite their friends by email to join the Battle Royale. The more friends, the better chances of negotiating.

You will be able to get the reward at the lowest price after four offers. You can trade multiple items at the same time.

News in Free Fire

Please note that the cosmetic items you can get in this giveaway will not help you win matches, as they have no effect on attacks or combat items.

FREE FIRE | Weekly Diary Rewards for June 21-28

  • Wednesday June 22: Negotiation party.
  • Thursday June 23: Magic Roulette.
  • Friday June 24: Revolution Ascension, katana reloading, Diamond Royale.
  • Saturday June 25: Luck Royale with 50% discount, royale weapons, room card discount.
  • Monday June 27: Wheel of luck, emote reload.
  • Tuesday June 28: Mythic Weapons Return, M60 Reload.

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