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Free Fire: know which is the best map to rank up

The developers of free fire they recently added a new map called Alpine, which is now frequently chosen by players. With Season 26 just a few days away, players are doing their best to improve their ranking as much as possible.

The situation makes the community of free fire wondering which map is most conducive to ranking up. With the arrival of Alpine, there are five scenarios available in the Battle Royale: Bermuda, Bermuda Remastered, Kalahari, Purgatory and Alpine.

The best map to rank up is undoubtedly Bermuda. Its remastered version has some altered places and is a good option, but the competition is much more intense in the original.

Bermuda has places suitable for both aggressive and passive users. Due to the layout of the sites and the familiarity of the areas, players tend to choose this map to rank up on. free fire.

FREE FIRE | Why not the other maps?

Kalahari is the smallest map in the Battle Royale game and is suitable for short games. However, due to its small size, the chances of dying in the early stages are high.

Free Fire maps under the magnifying glass

On the other hand, Purgatory is the biggest map in Battle Royale. However, due to the lack of popular locations and great loot, players rarely choose the map.

Free Fire maps under the magnifying glass
Free Fire maps under the magnifying glass

Since Alpine is a newly introduced map in the game, it is quite popular nowadays. However, popularity will eventually wane, so Bermuda should always be preferred.

Free Fire maps under the magnifying glass
Free Fire maps under the magnifying glass

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