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Free Fire MAX: the best weapon combos for 1 vs. 4 in February 2022

Choose the correct weapon in Free Fire MAX it is essential to emerge victorious from a fight. Players who fail to find a good weapon often find themselves at a tactical disadvantage and are subsequently eliminated early in the game.

While all weapons have a specific purpose or function, only a few are suitable for use together. Knowing which ones to use will allow users to emerge victorious in any situation, even in an intense solo versus squad fight.

FREE FIRE | The best weapon combos against a team


Vector Akimbo is a powerful SMG in Free Fire MAX. It has a high rate of fire and can finish off enemies in its path. Once wielded with two hands, the user will be able to stop an enemy team in their tracks. With overwhelming firepower, even gloo walls don’t stand much of a chance.

When paired with an M14 Assault Rifle, players have a good balance of close range and medium to long range firepower. Although the rifle suffers from a low mag count, it makes up for it with high damage. Players with good accuracy will be able to easily execute their opponents with headshots.

M1887 + SCAR

M1887 is the most powerful shotgun for close combat in Free Fire MAX. An accurate shot is all it takes to defeat an opponent. Although it has a limited magazine count, it does not represent a big problem.

The SCAR Assault Rifle works well with this close-range, high-damage weapon. With low recoil, great overall stats, and the ability to equip all attachments, the weapon is truly amazing in firefights.

Woodpecker + UMP

Woodpecker is by far the best marksman rifle on Free Fire MAX. Although it lacks effective range, it has high armor penetration and high damage. Even if players can’t secure headshots, a few body shots will guarantee elimination.

UMP is the perfect choice for users to use together with Woodpecker. It features high movement speed, decent armor penetration, and can be equipped with all weapon attachments.

P90 + Fame

Although the P90 is very limited in terms of attachments and range, its 50-round magazine brings some serious firepower to the game. Players who can control recoil or counter will be able to shoot an entire squad with ease. Very few weapons can challenge the P90 in close combat.

Famas is the perfect partner for this deadly close-range weapon. He offers decent accuracy, a high rate of fire, and fires three bullets at once. Players who can accurately line up headshots will have no problem taking out an entire team from long range.

AWM + Parafal

While AWM is not the most powerful sniper in Free Fire MAX, is easy to use and offers high damage at extremely long range. With a little practice and patience, players will be able to shoot targets into oblivion.

Parafal is the perfect partner for this fearsome weapon. He boasts high mobility, good range, and decent damage. He is great for when players need to swap out their sniper rifles for a mid-range weapon to deal with rushing enemies.

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