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Free Fire MAX: the most common mistakes when using the sniper rifle in February 2022

Master the sniper rifle in Free Fire MAX It is not an easy task. It takes hours of practice to land a headshot and many more to adapt to every situation in the game. However, many players rush from the moment they land to acquire this weapon.

While anyone can use it, not everyone can use it competently. This creates some complications in the game and can put the player at a disadvantage. Fortunately, most basic mistakes can be overcome with a little practice and critical thinking.

FREE FIRE MAX | Errors when using the sniper

Try to quickly aim and shoot targets

The only way to use snipers accurately in Free Fire MAX is with the help of a viewer. Without using the scope, shots are bound to go wide. However, measuring range takes a lot of time and leaves the player vulnerable to counter attack.

While quick scope is a simple solution to this problem, it is not reliable, especially for beginners. Most of the time, the shot will miss its target and the user is forced to press the wrong buttons in a hurry. This can lead to unfavorable circumstances being created.

speed up the shot

Most players don’t have the time or patience to learn it. This leads most players to rush their shots in the game.

Instead of taking their time and waiting to line up the perfect shot, they pull the trigger at any moment. The bullet misses its target completely or hits the opponent’s body. Unable to deal a devastating blow, the enemy now has a chance to strike back.

Aim for the head without hitting

Most headshot players shoot too high or too wide. The bullet misses the target completely and they fight back or run away. The only thing the player gets is spending ammo.

Try to shoot in a melee fight

As the area shrinks, players are forced to engage opponents just a few meters away. Given the close range, most players pull out their shotguns or switch to SMGs for the fight.

While the sniper can be used at any range, the low rate of fire can cause complications.

Trust only snipers

Many pros and content creators use two snipers for the entire game. Although it gets difficult at times, the strategy is doable.

The average player would not be able to imitate this style of play efficiently. Eventually, they will be overpowered and eliminated.

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