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Free Fire MAX tips to use shotguns accurately in March 2022

Shotguns are deadly close-range weapons in Free Fire MAX. A headshot almost guarantees an elimination every time. However, the weapon class has some limitations.

Due to the small size and range of the magazine, players must get close to their opponents and be precise with each shot for it to count. With that being the case, newcomers to the game seem to be unable to use shotguns effectively. Hopefully these simple tips will help improve the usability of the shotgun in-game.

FREE FIRE | Tips for using the shotgun

Get close to the target before shooting

Shotguns have a very limited range in Free Fire MAX. if a player were to fire them from medium range, chances are none of the pellets will make contact with the target.

Unfortunately, the only way to solve this distance issue is to close the gap in combat. Players must get close to their opponents before pulling the trigger. This will ensure that all pellets in the round deal damage.

timing the shot

Shotguns have very limited magazine sizes. The M1887, for example, has only two rounds per reload. This means that after the player shoots an opponent, he must immediately reload.

If the player misses his target, executing a counterattack will be easy. To avoid this scenario, players must aim their shots correctly. Even if the target isn’t killed, they will think twice before counterattacking with low HP.

Recharge whenever possible

Certain shotguns in Free Fire MAX they have larger chargers than others. For example, the Mag-7 has a base magazine size of eight rounds. This means that players will be able to shoot eight times before having to reload.

However, given how fast-paced combat is, players should always reload when they can. This will give them a tactical advantage in combat and allow them to hold fire longer. If an enemy were to rush in or counterattack at close range, he would be able to defend himself with ease.

Try to shoot opponents from behind

Although shotguns are powerful, their limitations make them a high-risk, high-reward weapon in Free Fire MAX. Just as players can use them to take out targets, opponents can just as easily use them to take out players.

To use shotguns safely (or at least fire the first round without taking return fire), players should try to attack targets from behind. Given the time it takes to react to a shot, at least two rounds will hit the opponent before he can deploy a wall of gloo.

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