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Free Fire MAX tips to win with the Charge Buster in March 2022

Charge Buster is one of the deadliest shotguns in Free Fire MAX. There are a plethora of weapons for players to choose from, but each must be handled in a different way. Some are even one shot killers and Charge Buster is just one of them.

Charge Buster carries up to three bullets at a time. One thing that makes it completely different from other shotguns is that players need to hold down the fire button and then release it after aiming at the enemy’s body. A headshot can deal 247 damage, making the weapon even more threatening.

FREE FIRE MAX | How to use Charge Buster

moving load

In close combat, players must jump around an enemy. During that jump period, they can hold down the fire button to charge it up. As players hit the ground, they must drop it wherever they want. This will help make quick attacks.

indicated character

D-Bee’s abilities will help players a lot. His max level upgrade provides 15% more movement when shooting and accuracy is increased by 45%. Along with D-Bee’s ability, players can use Moco, Hayato, and Chrono’s character abilities to get the perfect combination of abilities.


Players must keep their crosshairs close to the enemies head before releasing the fire button. While you are on the move, it becomes quite difficult to do so. Quick aiming practice is the best trick that will work here.

Do not charge in front of the enemy

All players need to do is move in random directions by holding down the fire button, and once the weapon is sufficiently charged, players must immediately unleash it on the enemy. Players can also charge it while hiding behind a solid structure or gloo wall so the enemy won’t notice the situation. It is not necessary to fully charge the weapon, because the damage is considerable.

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