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Free Fire OB34 made these weapons the most damaging in June 2022

The OB34 patch from free fire made several changes to the arsenal each game. Now, the ranking of the most powerful weapons is different and the players will have to know all the statistics to know which is the arsenal with the greatest capacity to kill with few shots. So that you are not doing trial and error for hours, we tell you which are the weapons that cause the most damage.

Apart from the appearance, Free Fire MAX Y free fire they are essentially the same game. Except for a few features, one can find the same weapons and abilities in any game, as well as the stats in the arsenal after installing OB34.

FREE FIRE | VSS – Damage 54

Machine guns are known for their high rate of fire and low range, making them suitable for close combat. Although damage is not the strong point of most SMGs in Free Fire MAX, the rapid fire stability makes them highly effective and easy to handle.

FREE FIRE | Kord – Damage 59

Kord provides the highest damage rating among light machine guns in the game. That said, if players consider overall attributes, M249 has a slight edge over Kord with better stats.

FREE FIRE | M14 – Damage 77

The M14 is an AR that boasts superior range and damage, making it look like a marksman’s rifle. Therefore, players can use the M14 in a match for long-range fights if they don’t find any snipers.

FREE FIRE | AWN – Damage 90

The AWN is best suited if users are looking for a weapon with an impressive damage rating. Also, the other attributes of AWM make it the best long range option among all other sniper and marksman rifles.

FREE FIRE | M1887 – Damage 100

A shotgun requires mastery of aim and movement. If players consider the damage rate of shotguns, M1887 is the top choice in Free Fire and its MAX variant, and it also has the highest range among other weapons in its class, as well as a decent rate of fire.

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