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Free Fire OB34: the best weapon combos to win at all ranks

Weapon combinations are extremely important in Free Fire MAX, especially when players want to get more wins. Players must ensure that they are properly equipped for each situation and fight at a range favorable to them.

The game has many firearms classified into SMGs, assault rifles, snipers, shotguns, pistols, and more, and each of them is only suitable for a specific range.

Let’s see, then, what are the best combinations of weapons of Free Fire MAX so you have a good performance at all distance.

M1014 + Kingfisher

Shotguns are a mainstay in Free Fire MAX while fighting at close range in any mode. Among all the weapons available, the M1014 is undoubtedly one of the best. This powerful weapon has high damage and a reasonable rate of fire.

An assault rifle like Kingfisher is a great match for this shotgun in Free Fire. It has one of the highest rates of fire in the game, which – along with its respectable damage – makes the firearm a deadly proposition. It can also be used to execute a drag headshot and is equipped with a good movement speed.


AWM has the longest range in its class and deals significant damage with each shot. Additionally, it has an 8x scope, which comes in handy for long-range headshots.

UMP can be a viable option at close to medium ranges and can help players take out tagged opponents with a sniper rifle shot. It is a highly reliable SMG that supports all non-stock attachments and can be used by novice players as well.

Woodecker + MP5

Woodpecker is a marksman rifle that uses AR ammunition and is capable of easily penetrating armor. His damage is second only to SVD, but his armor piercing ability is unparalleled in Free Fire MAX. If the weapon is in the right hands, it can be used with precision to land more headshots and easily take out opponents.

MP5 is one of the most effective SMG in Free Fire MAX. The weapon has a good magazine capacity and can be quickly unloaded on opponents. It’s pretty good at melee and pairs well with the sniper rifle to fend off enemies at close to medium ranges.

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