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Free Fire OB34 trick to buy cheaper diamonds in June 2022

free fire Y Free Fire MAX They may be free, but both have a micropayment system through the virtual currency known as diamonds. These are the primary means of acquiring most items including cosmetic outfits, weapon skins, emotes, Elite Pass, etc. They are also useful in various limited time events to acquire the featured rewards.

Players usually top up their accounts from free fire with hundreds of diamonds before making purchases. However, diamonds may seem expensive to most, so users can use “Membership” plans to purchase diamonds at lower prices.

FREE FIRE | Membership Types

Weekly Membership: effective for 7 days. You will receive 60 diamonds per day, a total of 420 diamonds, and it will be 211% cheaper than buying diamonds directly from the store.

Monthly Membership: effective for 30 days. You will receive 60 diamonds per day, a total of 1900 diamonds and it will be 238% cheaper than buying diamonds directly from the store.

Users must consider that a recharge of 310 diamonds costs more than the 450 diamonds that the weekly membership provides through its different prizes. The savings pay off if you want to take advantage of the system.

FREE FIRE | How to buy the weekly or monthly pass

Players need to launch the app free fire on your devices. Once the game has started, they must touch the “Membership” icon located at the top and proceed to the purchase with any bank card.

FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda from June 15 to 21, 2022

  • Wednesday June 15: Hacker’s Shop.
  • Thursday June 16: Incubator discount.
  • Friday June 17: Reload 1, hyperbook reload, vector of luck.
  • Saturday June 18: special gold royale, magic roulette.
  • Monday: June 20: new incubator, change your destiny.
  • Tuesday June 21: King’s Tower, sickle recharge.

You can also make use of the redemption codes that are published daily. We share the following link so you can review what are the codes that you can currently claim on the Free Fire website.

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