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Free Fire offers the “Carnival Helmets” box with a discount of more than 80%

Are you looking for something with a lot of personality in free fire? The guys from Garena have activated a discount for the “Carnival Helmets” boxes, whose design is reminiscent of Brazilian festivals. We tell you what the dynamic consists of so that they add more material to your account.

For a limited time only, boxes “carnival helmets” will have a discount of 24%, so you will pay 19 diamonds in the end (the original price is 25 diamonds). The exclusive prizes are Samba Viewer and Vivid Dream. Both designs work for male and female characters.

Other gifts that can come in the box are the Treasure Map, Call Airdrop, Campfire, and 300 gold.

If you think about the numbers, we tell you that epic item drops have a 52% chance. On the other hand, rare and test materials have 19% and 29% chances, respectively.

Depending on your mobile device, you will be able to buy diamonds from within the game through the platforms of google play or of AppleStore. Each platform has availability of different payment methods.

If you were unable to purchase diamonds through google playit could be due to any of these reasons:

  • Have you checked your region? If your region is not selected and your card is not international, the purchase will not go through.
  • Have you checked if you made multiple postings (multiple purchases)? Google Play may consider this suspicious behavior and temporarily block your account for review.
  • Verify that the name and personal or card data are correct, since entering them incorrectly will not allow the purchase.
  • Google Play may experience momentary instabilities, in which case we ask that you wait a few moments and try again.

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