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Free Fire offers up to 85% discount on cosmetic outfits for a limited time

free fire is about to close the “Carnival of paradise” event that offers up to 85% discount. The dynamics seem complex with so many balloons, but we will dedicate ourselves to explaining everything to you so that your investment is worthwhile in the video game developed by Garena.

The first thing players will have to do free fire is to choose the balloon you want to shoot to get rewards. You can do anything from one shot for 19 diamonds or ten shots for 149 diamonds.

Each balloon gives players between one and five tokens, which will be used to bring you the exclusive outfits and other material that are available in the reward pool. The Wildfire, Blue Elf, Duke Hawk Moth, Iron Knight Packs and much more. You will have to save up to 50 tokens to win the most expensive prize of all.

Please note that the cosmetic outfits of free fire they do not add points in the performance of each match. Aesthetic packs should not be confused with weapon skins. The latter do modify the statistics of the arsenal. It is always good to know the difference to avoid problems in the games.

News of Free Fire

FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda from June 15 to 21, 2022

  • Wednesday June 15: Hacker’s Shop.
  • Thursday June 16: Incubator discount.
  • Friday June 17: Reload 1, hyperbook reload, vector of luck.
  • Saturday June 18: special gold royale, magic roulette.
  • Monday: June 20: new incubator, change your destiny.
  • Tuesday June 21: King’s Tower, sickle recharge.

You can also make use of the redemption codes that are published daily. We share the following link so you can review what are the codes that you can currently claim on the Free Fire website.

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