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Free Fire: the best character and pet combos for February 2022

Over the years, the characters and mascots have become an integral part of free fire, due to the skills and abilities they possess. Garena regularly releases new characters to give players more options on the battlefield.

Although the overall selection depends on personal preference, players can incorporate a suitable mix of characters and pets to improve their overall performance in free fire. As a result, many gamers are looking for the best ones they can pick from.

FREE FIRE | Best character and pet combos

Jack + Detective Panda

With Jota’s “Sustained Raids,” players gain health each time they hit an opponent with a firearm. Additionally, 10% health is restored if they manage to knock down an enemy. At max level, 20% HP is restored when knocking out an opponent instead of the usual 10%.

Detective Panda’s ability grants 4 health on each kill. The number increases to 10 when the pet reaches level 3 (the highest). This is particularly good for those who like to play aggressively on Free Fire.

Jack | Free Fire character

Skyler + Mr Waggor

Riptide Rhythm unleashes a sonic wave after activating Skyler’s special ability, damaging five gloo walls in a 50 meter radius. After each use, the skill has a cooldown of 60 seconds. Additionally, each gloo wall deployed by players will result in health recovery, starting at 4 points.

At the maximum level of the character in Free Fire, the skill range is increased to 100 meters, the cooldown is reduced to 40 seconds, and the increase in health recovery is increased to 9 points.

Mr. Waggor has the ability to create a Gloo Wall Grenade every 120 seconds if players don’t own one. Once he reaches max level, a Gloo Wall spawns every 100 seconds when users have less than two.

Skyler |  Free Fire character
Skyler | Free Fire character

K + Ottero/Agent Hop

K’s ability increases max EP by 50 and he has two amazing modes: Jiu-Jitsu and Psychology. When the former is enabled, EP conversion is increased by 500%, meaning 5 EP is converted to health every second. On the other hand, Psychology recharges 3 EP every 2.2 seconds up to 150 EP. To switch between them, there is a 3 second cooldown.

K |  Free Fire character
K | Free Fire character

If the character is raised to the highest level, only Psychology mode is affected and players can restore 3 EP every second, up to a total of 250 EP.

Ottero’s ability restores some EP when users use a treatment gun or medkit. The amount gained is 35% of the health replenished by those healing items. Later, at skill level 3 in Free Fire, the amount becomes 65% of the restored HP.

Alternatively, users can also go for Agent Hop as his ability restores EP every time the zone shrinks during the match. At the base level, the amount is 30, eventually becoming 50.

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