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Free Fire: the best characters that cost gold for February 2022

Numerous aspects affect the gameplay in free fire, one of the most important are the abilities that the characters possess. As of this writing, there are about 45 of them available in the game.

In recent months, Garena has increased the number of characters obtained through gold. However, users have gold in limited amounts, so they look for the best options.

Jack – 8,000 gold

Jota is perhaps the best character in the game, he has a passive ability, and Sustained Raids give players some health every time they hit an opponent with a weapon. Also, if you kill an enemy, 10% HP is automatically restored.

The amount of health that is replenished after knocking out an opponent becomes 20% at max level.

Jack | Free Fire character

Xayne – 8000 gold

Xayne’s character was buffed in the most recent Free Fire update, and his Xtreme Encounter ability is great for fast-paced gameplay. At the lowest level, players temporarily gain an additional 80 HP and damage to Gloo walls and shields is increased by 80%. It lasts for 15 seconds and has a cooldown duration of 150 seconds.

Xaine |  Free Fire character
Xaine | Free Fire character

A124 – 6000 gold

A124 is the ideal choice for those looking for a low cost character. In Free Fire, his particular ability converts 20 EP to HP in 4 seconds, and then there is a 10 second cooldown.

The amount of EP converted to health reaches 60 at max level. Users can improve the general use of this ability by creating combinations of characters and including some like Miguel.

A124 |  Free Fire character
A124 | Free Fire character

Luqueta – 8000 gold

Luqueta is a fantastic option that players of the battle royale title will be able to acquire with gold. With it equipped, each kill increases maximum health by 10, up to 50.

At the character’s highest level, getting a shard will increase the max HP by 25, up to 50. This means that after two kills, they will have 250 health.

Luqueta |  Free Fire character
Luqueta | Free Fire character

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