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Free Fire: the best HUD layouts for beginners in Battle Royale

The popular battle royale shooter game Garena Free fire It hit the 1 billion mark on the Google Play Store earlier this year. The pace of growth has not slowed down and the numbers continue to be stronger. The increase in the player count has also led to the arrival of many beginners to Free fire.

Beginners face many problems in controlling their movement, aiming accurately, and shooting during a fight. There may be sensitivity issues, but the main reason is the design of the HUD (front display screen). So it makes sense for beginners to tweak the layout of their controls to get help in Free fire.

Best HUD layouts in Free Fire

FREE FIRE | Best HUD Designs

Adjusting the HUD isn’t as universally acclaimed as character abilities. It depends on the preference, grip and comfort of the users.

Two fingers (thumbs)

Players use both thumbs to move, aim, and shoot while the other fingers hold the device. This layout is suitable for quick play when players play the role of a raider in close combat situations. However, this setting isn’t great for sticking out on the move while shooting.

Best HUD layouts in Free Fire
Best HUD layouts in Free Fire

Three fingers

Players use both thumbs and the index finger of the left hand to control their characters and perform actions. This grip is an excellent alternative for a balanced combination of attack and defense. Players can control their movement and aim while shooting efficiently.

Best HUD layouts in Free Fire
Best HUD layouts in Free Fire

Four fingers

The index and thumb fingers of both hands are used to aim, shoot, move, or perform any other specific action. This setting is a great option for controlling the recoil of firearms at medium and long ranges, while in close combat it is not as effective. Therefore, users should prefer other designs.

Best HUD layouts in Free Fire
Best HUD layouts in Free Fire

Players can copy the design of their choice and make adjustments through the settings of Free fire. They can remove unnecessary buttons from the menu and reduce the transparency percentage to improve visibility. Once players have made their adjustments, they can practice with their new designs.

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