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Free Fire: the best pets to win with Chrono in March 2022

Chrono was one of the best characters in Free Fire MAX until his ability was nerfed three times. He is the only character in the Battle Royale game whose ability has been reworked three times to make him weaker than before.

Chrono can now create a force field that can block 800 damage from enemies but does not allow players to shoot from within. The character’s recovery time ranges from 180 to 120 seconds.

To make up for his lost ability, players can pair him with pets that can help them improve his rank. Let’s see which are the best for Free Fire MAX in March 2022.

FREE FIRE | dr beanie

Before being nerfed a third time, Chrono was able to buff players’ movement speed. To make up for the lost ability, players can pair him with Dr. Beanie. Using his ability Dashy Duckwalk, the pet can improve movement speed while crouching by 30% at the initial level and 60% at the final level.

New pet in Free Fire

FREE FIRE | yeti

Players can use this Free Fire MAX pet when they are not using Chrono’s damage reduction ability. Yeti’s Frost Fortress ability has a 150 second cooldown, reducing explosive damage by 15% at 1st level. At the third level, the reduction increases by 30% and the recovery time becomes 90 seconds.

Pets that you should avoid in Factory Challenge
Pets that you should avoid in Factory Challenge


Flash is the newest pet in Free Fire MAX and can be used by players equipped with Chrono during the character cooldown. The pet’s cooldown is similar to the Yeti’s. Using the ability, Steel Shell, players can reduce damage taken from the back by 10% (minimum level) up to 25% (maximum level).

Flash |  Pet in Free Fire
Flash | Pet in Free Fire


Players can use Robo if they use gloo walls as additional protection on top of Chrono’s ability. The pet’s special ability, Wall Enforcement, adds an extra layer of protection over gloo walls. The pet can also restore 60 HP at the base level and 100 HP at the highest level.

The best Free Fire pets for Hayato
The best Free Fire pets for Hayato

FREE FIRE | Rockies

This pet is ideal for Chrono as the character has a high recovery time. Therefore, players can use Rockie’s Stay Chill ability to use the character’s ability more often. At the initial level, Rockie reduces the recovery time by 6% and at the final level it increases by 15%.

Rockies |  Free Fire Pet
Rockies | Free Fire Pet

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