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Free Fire: The best weapon combos after the OB32 update

The OB32 update has made various weapons in free fire be reassessed by more experienced players. From time to time, Garena decides to balance the scales with certain changes in the performance of the arsenal, so your favorite machine gun now may not work the same for you in weeks or months.

So you don’t waste time figuring out the best weapon combo after the patch OB32we tell you which are the most powerful combos with the new statistics available, especially if you prefer to go for an aggressive style in games.

M249 + MP40

Most SMGs along with shotguns boast short-range superiority, while LMGs are stable weapons for longer ranges. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an “SMG + LMG” combination.

Players can use MP40 with M29 to create an ideal combination for a fast style of play. The rapid rate of fire of the former combined with the staggering magazine capacity of the latter makes for a formidable combo.

The best free fire combos

M60 + M1014

The previous combo used SMGs with an LMG, which this combo modifies by replacing the former with a shotgun. Although both SMGs and SGs are short-range weapons, the latter offers a one- or two-shot kill.

For an ideal “SG + LMG” combination, users can couple M1014 with M60. The first, being a shotgun, allows users to finish off their enemies at closer range in two shots. M60, on the other hand, is great for mid-range battles.

Players should remember that shotguns require experience to wield. Therefore, one should practice hard with M1014 in practice mode before using it in a real match.

The best free fire combos
The best free fire combos

SCAR + M14

M14 has the most significant damage and range among weapons in the AR category, but lacks the rate of fire and magazine capacity. Therefore, one should use M14 as an alternative for marksman rifles in the game. Players can quickly finish off distant enemies using the M14’s medium and long range capabilities.

Meanwhile, Scar complements M14 by offering brilliant support in close-range fights. Players can easily use rapid-fire AR to execute opponents during battlefield fights. Scar also has stability, making it an easy weapon to handle even for beginners.

The best free fire combos
The best free fire combos


AWM is arguably the best sniper a player can get in Garena. free fire and the reason is the greatest damage within its category. One can get AWM from airdrops and use them to execute one- or two-shot kills with ease at a longer range.

At shorter ranges, players need a decent weapon that can match the level of AWM. Therefore, players can opt for AUG which comes with a pre-applied scope attachment, severe damage, and a fast fire rate. Players can effortlessly outshine their enemies by using AUG in close combat situations.

The best free fire combos
The best free fire combos


M82B is another excellent sniper rifle in free fire with attributes similar to AWM. Therefore, players can search for the former if the latter is not available during a match. Like AWM, M82B favors one-tap or two-tap kills at longer ranges.

To complement M82B one should go for Groza which can be considered as the best AR in free fire due to the balanced stats it features. With Groza, players get great damage, decent range, fast fire rate, stability, and more.

The best free fire combos
The best free fire combos

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