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Free Fire: the deadliest weapons for close-range combat

Sometimes it makes you want to finish off your opponents with a single shot in Free fire. The arsenal available in Garena’s Battle Royale contains a variety of options for participating in fights at different ranks. Generally, players at higher levels always carry a weapon to engage in close-range combat because, in many cases, users will find themselves close to their enemies.

It is widely accepted that submachine guns and shotguns are the most effective weapons to fight at this range, as players quickly use them to slaughter their opponents with ease at Free fire. While there is an extensive list of weapons even in this category, this article dives into a few that users can use.


Arsenal stats in Free Fire

The MP5 comes with decent damage, a very high rate of fire, and a good magazine capacity. Players can unload the entire weapon and deal great damage to opponents even when they are not very close to opponents.


Arsenal stats in Free Fire
Arsenal stats in Free Fire

Although MAG-7 has the lowest damage in the shotgun category, its higher rate of fire easily makes up for it. Users can spam their enemies on the go with a magazine size of eight. After its release, the pistol was first polished in the OB27 update. Its effective range has recently been reduced along with several other SMGs. However, users will need to be careful when spraying as the spread of the bullet will be considered after a few shots.


Arsenal stats in Free Fire
Arsenal stats in Free Fire

MP40 has an incredible rate of fire in Free Fire at 83. The SMG is stable at close range but becomes relatively ineffective with increasing range. Also, weapons with a smaller magazine size can be considered a drawback, as it would not be easy to fight at close range with this weapon.


Arsenal stats in Free Fire
Arsenal stats in Free Fire

The M1014 has long been a widely used shotgun and is particularly strong at close range. It poses a great threat with great damage and a decent rate of fire. In terms of fixation, users can employ a stock to improve the weapon.


Arsenal stats in Free Fire
Arsenal stats in Free Fire

M1887 ranks first on the list due to its incredibly good damage and great armor penetration in the shotgun category. The double-shot shotgun fires 10 pellets in a single shot that can deal 170 damage to the torso, implying that just two close-range shots to the body will knock the opponent down.

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