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Free Fire: the most common mistakes in close combat in February 2022

Melee fights in free fire they can become very intense. Players rush into each other or targets and fire with all their weapons. The winner is usually decided by who has the most remaining HP or can shoot more accurately.

Unfortunately, users tend to make numerous mistakes during such encounters. While some of them can be fixed with minor gameplay fixes, others need to be stopped altogether.

Try to aim and land shots

Reaching to shoot is not a good idea when facing an opponent at close range. Since peripheral vision is limited, players will not be able to see incoming threats from anywhere.

This will make it more difficult to dodge attacks and fight efficiently. Ultimately, the enemy will take advantage of the situation and get an easy kill. While using visors is a good idea, it’s also vital to know when not to use them.

Throw grenades in the same direction as the fast attack

Grenades are powerful utility and throwable items in free fire. They can be used to create a cloud of smoke, blinding opponents, and dealing heavy AOE damage. If not used carefully, users can end up being the recipients of its effects. Unfortunately, this happens more often than it should.

In the heat of battle, players run in the same direction as the grenade is thrown instead of throwing it and waiting for it to explode. Instead of enemies taking damage, players take damage and put themselves at a tactical disadvantage.

Don’t use shotguns or SMGs

In close range fights, only two types of weapons are ideal. The ones that do a lot of damage and the ones that have a high rate of fire. Considering these parameters, shotguns and SMGs are the best weapon class for the job.

Even though these weapons are ideal, players tend to experiment and use other weapons for the task. While they will deal damage, such firearms reduce the chances of winning fights.

Relying solely on movement to dodge damage

beginners in free fire and those who don’t master gloo walls tend to jump to dodge bullets. Although professional gamers use this strategy, it requires perfect timing and hand-eye coordination. One wrong move and an early exit is guaranteed.

Even then, it is impossible to dodge every bullet that is fired. Players will eventually take the damage and, in the resulting panic, lose focus. Once this happens, enemies will see an opportunity and get a kill.

Not ensuring HP is maxed out

One of the most common mistakes Free Fire players make is not keeping full HP. While sometimes this happens due to situational circumstances, other times it just happens because they don’t care about their health.

If they rush into a fight with low HP, the chances of surviving are slim to none. Opponents will be able to easily overpower users and get an elimination without much effort.

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