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Free Fire: the most suitable characters for Detective Panda

free fire has a variety of character abilities that allow users to take advantage of the benefits in certain combat situations. The best thing is that you can tune this ability with the appropriate pet.

Detective Panda is one of the most popular pets in free fire that many players use on the battlefield. The pet costs 699 diamonds and allows users to gain HP recovery after each kill.

FREE FIRE | Best characters for Detective Panda

The active ability of alok allows users to improve their agility by 10% for five seconds, making the character suitable for running. Activation also allows users to have continuous HP recovery at a rate of five points/second for five seconds. HP Restoration is a bonus perk that complements Detective Panda’s ability.

Jot has a similar ability to the Panda pet in that users can restore some HP with each successful hit with weapons. Players can also take advantage of a 10% HP recovery when knocking down an enemy.

Players can use D-Bee to gain movement speed and accuracy buff by 5% and 20%, respectively. This ability will activate whenever users shoot while moving, so Detective Panda can help with HP.

Xtreme Encounter by Xayne Provides a temporary 80 HP boost that decays over time. This temporary restoration allows users to attack enemies effectively without worrying about any extreme damage. The character also has other abilities that are useful in close combat.

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