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Free Fire: three common mistakes when locating a Balloon Wall in games

Gloo Walls is one of the best items on Free fire. They are easy to learn but difficult to master. However, seasoned players and veterans of the game have perfected the use of the item during combat.

Unfortunately, beginners and those unfamiliar with the article tend to make mistakes when placing them. These mistakes can be easily avoided if you keep a few things in mind.

Failure to place a Gloo Wall on time

During combat in Free fire Being alert is the ultimate skill of any player. Anticipating and understanding the battlefield will allow you to place Gloo Walls before the enemy engages.

Most players only place a gloo wall after they start taking damage. While this is an acceptable tactical decision, the enemy now has more HP and will be more difficult to take out.

To avoid this mistake, players must place gloo walls as soon as they see their opponent. This will give them time to plan and protect them until they are ready to participate.

Placing the Gloo Wall awkwardly

Gloo walls can be used dynamically in Free fire. They can be placed at different heights and angles. This allows players to choose exactly how they want to deploy their cover.

However, this makes for a double-edged sword for beginners. Most just rush in and put up a gloo wall for cover without thinking too much about location. Enemies can take advantage of this and attack from the flanks with ease.

While there is no ‘wrong angle’, understanding how to position the Gloo Wall will make a big difference. This is especially important when there is a shortage of Gloo Walls or the safe zone in Free fire it is very small.

Blocking routes with Gloo Wall

When fighting in tight spaces or inside structures, placing a Gloo Wall can help create a choke point. This allows players to focus fire on the enemy and force them to retreat or be eliminated.

This strategy is widely used with great success in Free fire. However, this can sometimes become a double-edged sword. If players create a choke point within a limited amount of space, escaping from it can become a problem.

If the safe zone is shrinking and there is no other possible means of escape, players will have to go through their own choke point. This allows opponents to easily position themselves and eliminate the player while trying to escape.

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