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Free Fire: three tips to be a professional with the AWM

Free fire has a wide range of weapons that players can choose from. During long-range fights, many players choose sniper rifles to deal more damage regardless of distance.

AWM is one of the best sniper rifles that Free fire offers to its players. It has very high range, damage, and accuracy, making it ideal for long-range fights. Here are some ways that mobile gamers can become adept at using AWM.

Players can make use of the following tips and tricks if they want to become good snipers:

Added Items

Players can attach a silencer, muzzle, hilt, and magazine. One of the best aspects of an AWM is that it comes equipped with an 8x scope, making it easy for players to point and shoot.

A silencer is a must to use any sniper effectively, as it does not give other enemies a chance to mistrust the rifle. Since an AWM can only hold five bullets in a magazine, players are also advised to reload it as often as possible.

Sensitivity settings

Players must adjust the sensitivity of their Sniper Scope to improve their AWM sniper skills. They can use the following sensitivity:

  • General – 98
  • Red dot – 96
  • 2x range – 83
  • Range 4x – 63
  • Sniper scope – 50
  • Free view – 70

The players of Free fire they should practice immediately after saving the previous changes. This way, they can get used to it and gradually improve.

Character selection

Free fire It offers a wide range of characters and three of them are very suitable when it comes to sniping. They are Rafael, Maro and Laura.

Rafael has a silencing effect while players use sniping and ensures that enemies who are hit and knocked down suffer a 20% faster HP loss. Maro is also a good choice, as damage with distance increases by 5%, and with Laura, beginners can increase their accuracy by 10% while in focus.

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