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Free Fire: tips to survive longer without companions in Ranked Mode

During a team game in free fire, things don’t always go as planned. Despite best efforts, the entire team except for one player is eliminated. In this situation, the user who is alive usually leaves the game and goes to the lobby. However, not everyone wants to give up so easily.

Despite the overwhelming odds, some players would play the match to the end rather than forfeit. Unfortunately securing a Booyah is not a guarantee since they are outnumbered. However, it is possible to survive to the end zones by playing it safe and following a few tips.

Avoid getting involved in shootings

To stay alive longer after teammates have been eliminated, the best idea is to avoid further conflict in the game. Being outgunned 2-1 or 4-1 will make direct firefights difficult. Even with the best loadout and equipment, the chances of winning a fight are slim.

Keep a low profile at all times

When moving around the map as a solo player, keeping a low profile will help a lot. This can be accomplished by going prone or crouching while moving through vast open areas. Additionally, using cars should also be avoided as they alert nearby enemies with the sound they make.

Secure the high ground before you have to fight

If forced to fight an enemy or when left with no other option, high ground must be secured before the fight begins. Although winning is not guaranteed, it does improve the odds of a favorable outcome. With a bit of luck, the user will be able to achieve an easy removal.

Use the silencer accessory

One of the best articles on free fire it’s the muffler. It can be installed on many weapons and helps the player keep a low profile while shooting. Also, since no noise is made, opponents are left guessing where the shot came from. This is useful when looking to take out enemies from afar.

Enter the safe zone early

One of the easiest ways to survive longer in free fire is to get to the safe zone on time. This will ensure that the player does not get caught outside the safe zone or take damage in the zone. To maximize this strategy, players must enter the safe zone early. This will give them time to secure a good position.

Make sure EP and HP are always maxed out

As a solo player trying to survive numerous squads, it’s important to make sure your HP and EP are maxed out. If an enemy were to attack, the chances of surviving the encounter are highest, as long as the player manages to escape or secure an elimination.

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