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Free Fire tricks to use the smoke grenade in your fights

While weapons and skills reign in free fireutility items are also very valuable because they provide players with tactical support and help them get out of sticky situations.

While there are a few to choose from, the Smoke Grenade is one of the best out there. It can be used in a variety of ways and is easily found in loot in every game.

Opponents can be confused in combat

Running and hiding or using Wukong’s ability to turn into a bush is a great way to confuse the enemy. However, nothing compares to a cloud of white smoke on the horizon. Smoke grenades are great for breaking the enemy’s line of sight and confusing them in battle.

They can be used in many creative ways to confuse the enemy. For example, if an enemy is rushing to attack, a well-placed smoke grenade will force them to stop and take cover. Players can use this time to flank them or attack them from behind.

quick exit

While natural cover, speed abilities, and gloo walls provide a safe means of escaping, smoke grenades offer by far the best protection. Once thrown, they break line of sight and make it difficult for the enemy to land on target.

Because weapon crosshairs are not highlighted when aiming at targets in the cloud of smoke, players can easily slide and spin to safety. However, to make sure no damage is done in this process, a gloo wall should be used to block stray bullets. If there are no gloo walls available, the player must move while crouching or prone.

Hide during the race

When rushing opponents in free fire, sometimes gloo walls just aren’t enough. If the enemy is using Skyler’s Riptide Rhythm ability, the player will be left defenseless and open to counter attacks. Fortunately, there are no abilities in the game that affect smoke clouds.

Once a smoke grenade is thrown, it remains in place until the effect wears off. Players can use this to their advantage by hiding and slowly moving towards their intended target. For those willing to take a slight risk, they can even lean out of the smoke and fire at the enemy.

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