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Free Fire updates the weekly agenda rewards from February 16 to 22

free fire is one of the most popular shooters for Android and iOS mobiles. It is one of the most downloaded applications on the aforementioned platforms, it has a large number of active players and it is always in the top 10 of annual collection. The latter is due to the fact that the virtual store is always updated with new content.

Gamers can use a credit card to purchase diamonds, the virtual currency, and with these redeem different aesthetic elements that improve the gaming experience.

You can buy characters, skins, pets and many other skins. However, not everyone has access to online micropayments. For this reason, Garena rewards the most loyal users in the weekly agenda.

You only need to log in daily to be able to claim the following content. Valentine’s Day is over and it’s time to make room for carnival, the new theme of these rewards.

FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda from February 16 to 22

  • Wednesday, February 16, 2022: Let’s graffiti!
  • Thursday, February 17, 2022: CarmΓ­n Heir Discount
  • Friday, February 18, 2022: Ruby Cobra and Di-Bee Bonus
  • Saturday February 19, 2022: Recharge Gloo Beatz
  • Monday, February 21, 2022: Change your destiny
  • Tuesday, February 22, 2022: Fierce Reload and Carnival Helmets

If you are looking for another way to acquire loot, we recommend that you follow the updates of the redemption codes that we publish daily. You must copy and paste these codes on the official website of the shooter.

Latest Free Fire Redeem Codes.

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