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Free Fire: weekly agenda rewards from March 9 to 12, 2022

Looking for free skins for free fire? Well, the easiest way to bypass online micropayments in the app is through the weekly agenda. These are rewards for all loyal gamers who access the app on a daily basis.

Just by logging in, you can access the different rewards. Note that this cosmetic content is usually related to a theme; For example, the latest weekly agenda delivered the long-awaited Assassin’s Creed skin to the entire community.

Well, this thematic content of the Ubisoft title returns on the agenda from March 9 to 12. Through social networks, the company shared the content that you can find in the app during the second week of March.

THE WEEKLY AGENDA IS HERE! We are still full of surprises! With the Killer Tower will come the Forsaken Brotherhood skin, the Hunter’s Blade, and the Dagger Fist! The new Incubator brings new Gold, Mercury, Titanium, and Iron Specter skins!”, details the Garena publication.

Weekly agenda from March 9 to 12

  • Wednesday March 9: Faded Wheel.
  • Thursday March 10: New Incubator.
  • Friday March 11: Assassin Tower, Creed Slay ToPup, Tiger ToPup.
  • Saturday March 12: Famas Evolution, Demonis Famas ToPup

Remember that this week of rewards is a bit short because we are in the Assassin’s Creed event and on March 12th the pinnacle of the collaboration will take place.

To celebrate this joint work, the development companies have worked on the production of a song and shared the entire content calendar.

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