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Free Fire: what to do to win the prizes of the “Cobra Party” event

free fire It’s one of those games where you progress through its various events without realizing it. It happens that the Battle Royale has several events at the same time and its objectives are usually fulfilled or developing in the background while you play your games. One of those events is the Cobra Party and we will tell you what it consists of.

Until February 28, the players of free fire they will be able to complete different tasks to earn Flame Tokens and thus redeem exclusive items. The top prize is the Quick Cobra Pack (female) for 75 Flame Tokens, followed by the Predatory Strike and Grenade – Cobra Strike for 20 and 15 Flame Tokens, respectively.

News in Free Fire with the “Cobra Party” event

The daily missions are extremely simple, although some will require some experience in defeating rivals on the battlefield. In the same way, there is no loss in this promotion since they are free items in exchange for a few hours of play in free fire.

FREE FIRE | daily quests

  • Log in one day – 1 Flame Token
  • Move 1000 meters – 2 Flame Token
  • Defeat 5 enemies – 3 Flame Token
  • Survive 30 minutes – 4 Flame Token
  • Booyah once – 5 Flame Token

FREE FIRE | cobra exchange

  • Quick Cobra Pack (female) – 75 Flame Token
  • Predatory Strike – 20 Flame Token
  • Grenade – Cobra Strike – 15 Flame Token
  • Legendary Cobra Box – 15 Flame Token
  • Legendary Cobra Pin – 10 Flame Token
  • Legendary Cobra – 5 Flame Token
  • Royale Weapons Ticket – 10 Flame Token
  • Universal Shard – 5 Flame Token

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