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Free Fire: Wukong vs. Dimitri, who has the best active ability in February 2022?

It could be said that the active characters of free fire They are more powerful than passive ones. They have cooldowns and abilities that need to be activated manually.

Dimitri and Wukong are two popular active characters in the Battle Royale game. While the first one was introduced in the OB30 update, Wukong suffered the second nerf from it in the same update. Let’s compare the abilities of the two to judge which one is more powerful.

FREE FIRE | Dimitri

Dimitri | Free Fire character

Dimitri has the ability called Healing Heartbeat which lasts ten seconds to a maximum of 15 seconds. His recovery time varies from 85 seconds to 60 seconds.

This active ability helps players recover 3 HP per second by creating a 3.5 meter healing zone. Downed users and allies can self-revive if they are within the zone.

FREE FIRE | Wukong

Wukong |  Free Fire character
Wukong | Free Fire character

Wukong is a Free Fire character who has been nerfed twice through significant updates. His Camouflage skill cooldown ranges from 300 to 200 seconds.

Players can turn into a bush for ten seconds (up to a maximum of 15 seconds) using this ability. His movement speed is also reduced by 20% when the ability is activated.

FREE FIRE | Verdict

Dimitri is a better choice as he helps with HP recovery. Wukong’s ability is also canceled once players start shooting, and his reduced movement speed is also a huge drawback.

Dimitri also has a lower cooldown than Wukong. Even if the latter’s cooldown resets once users take out an enemy, there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to do so, especially if facing aggressive players.

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