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Free Fire x BTS: estimated release date of the new official collaboration

A few days ago, Garena made posts that hinted at an upcoming collaboration of free fire on the game’s social media accounts. The entire fanbase was excited, and the silhouettes in the released image were recognized by fans as all seven members of BTS. Today the developer finally confirmed it.

In a new publication, the collaboration free fire xBTS has finally been announced in style. Related content will be released for the battle royale title later this month. This will see in-game content added based on all seven members of the popular K-Pop boy band. Users can expect to see exclusive costumes and other cosmetics, along with various events making their way into the game.

“The collaboration will see one of the world’s most streamed artists enter the world of free fire for a never-before-seen event at the end of March”prayed Garena’s publication.

According to speculation, the BTS collaboration will follow the release of the OB33 update, which is expected to take place on March 19 or 20. Consequently, the community will have to wait a few more weeks for the collaboration content to be added.

Garena will reveal more information and details about the game’s social media accounts in the coming days, and players can follow them to stay up to date on the latest announcements.

FREE FIRE | Join the world league

Talented enough to compete and represent your country in free fire? The official Twitter account of Free Fire for Latin America announced the requirements for those who are interested in this new adventure.

The players of free fire They have two servers: USA – North and SAC – South. Participants must be 17 years old, have a Gold account or higher, and be at least level 20.

“If you have dreamed of participating in becoming a professional player and being the best in Latin America… your first step is here! Take note of the requirements and sign up today, try it and show your potential to Latin America!”Garena posted on Twitter.

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