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Free Fire: XM8 – Summer and M60 – Energy Watchers can be yours in exchange for gold

Don’t you know what to do with the gold in free fire? This currency, unlike diamonds, does not cost real money but requires hours of play and talent to collect the most amount per day. If you are thinking of a skin for the arsenal, we will tell you all the data of the “Golden Turn” to take advantage of the discounts.

Until February 20, the players of free fire they will need to spend gold to spin for random prizes. Get a chance to win the XM8 – Summer and the M60 – Energy Watchers.

Please note that a jackpot will be added to the goody bag each day for the first five days. The price of gold increases with each spin and will stop increasing when the upper limit is reached.

Gold-based promotion in Free Fire

FREE FIRE | Stats of the most powerful weapons

M79 – Dragon Mob

  • Damage (+)
  • Charger (+)
  • Speed ​​of movement (-)

M1014 – Frantic

  • Damage (+)
  • Rate of fire (-)
  • Range (+)

FAMAS – Metallic

  • Accuracy (++)
  • Charger (-)

SCAR – Frozen Blizzard

  • Accuracy (++)
  • Charger (-)

M4A1 – Herald of the Underworld

  • Damage (+)
  • Charger (+)
  • Accuracy (-)

XM8 – Summer

M60 – Energy Watchers

  • Accuracy (+)
  • Charger (-)
  • Armor Penetration (+)

There is a daily limit of gold coins that can be obtained after matches (you can check it on the leaderboard at the end of the game). Remember that you can increase this amount by buying the Fire Pass Elite.

FREE FIRE | how to earn gold

To earn enough gold, players of free fire They must play games. Depending on the number of games and performance, the system will offer more gold. You can also opt for daily quests. At the same time that you play your games, you can do different challenges or challenges to add coins and rank up.

Another alternative is to qualify for the best ranks to get prizes at the end of each season. The higher the rank, the prizes will be higher and the amount of gold you receive will be better and better.

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