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From “Toy Story” to “Lightyear”: movie ranking according to Rotten Tomatoes

Updated on 06/22/2022 03:02 am

After the world premiere of “Lightyear”, Pixar’s 26th film, on June 17, 2022 in the United States and a day earlier in several Latin American countries, his followers were able to see how this character originated in real life and how he came to become the ‘Star Commander’ that we all know through the animated film series “Toy Story”, where his own action figure turned into a toy appears.

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Although it is not a prequel to the popular animated saga, the truth is that the story of the test pilot who became the ‘Space Guardian’, which served as inspiration for the creation of a toy in his name, has been highly commented in different parts of the world.

true to his style, Rotten Tomatoesan American review and review website for film and television, classified in a ranking his five films that were broadcast over these 27 years. Here we present them in descending order.


“Lightyear” is the third spin-off of this character, since in 2000 an animated series about him was launched called “Buzz Lightyear: Star Command” and the animated movie “Buzz Lightyear Star Command: The Adventure Begins” (Photo : Pixar/Walt Disney Pictures)
  • Score: 75%
  • Summary of the review: “Lightyear” settles for being a fairly conventional origin story rather than reaching for the stars, but this gorgeously animated adventure deftly accomplishes its mission of straightforward fun.
  • Synopsis: “Lightyear” presents the legendary ‘Space Guardian’, not as a toy but as someone real, facing a challenging intergalactic adventure. After an incident in which he is marooned on a hostile planet 4.2 million light-years from Earth along with his commander and crew, Buzz tries to find his way back home through space and time. He is joined by a group of ambitious recruits and his charming robot cat, Sox. The mission is threatened by the arrival of Zurg and his army of ruthless robots.

PLACE 4: “TOY STORY 4″ (2019)

In "Toy Story 4" a new character appears: Forky, a fork turned into a toy (Photo: Pixar)
In “Toy Story 4” a new character appears: Forky, a fork turned into a toy (Photo: Pixar)
  • Score: 97%
  • Summary of the review: Heartwarming, funny, and beautifully animated, accomplishing the unlikely feat of extending, and perhaps concluding, a near-perfect animated saga.
  • Synopsis: “Toy Story 4″ narrates the adventures of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the team with Bonnie’s new toy named Forky, a cutlery that was decorated by the girl to whom she is very fond. Although he is not ready to become her friend, the cowboy will try to convince him.

PLACE 3: “TOY STORY 3″ (2010)

When Woody and Bozz Lightyear try to calm the toys down by telling them that Andy hasn't forgotten them in "toy Story 3" (Photo: Pixar)
When Woody and Bozz Lightyear try to calm the toys down by telling them that Andy hasn’t forgotten them in “Toy Story 3” (Photo: Pixar)
  • Score: 98%
  • Summary of the review: Critics on Rotten Tomatoes agreed that “Toy Story 3” deftly blended comedy, adventure and honest thrills, and it works. Recall that the film was nominated for Best Picture at the 2010 Oscar Awards.
  • Synopsis: Andy is all grown up and ready to go to college; although he decides to send them to the attic, they mistakenly end up in the trash, which leads to Woody trying to save the gang from him, they all end up being donated to a daycare. The cowboy is convinced that everyone’s place is with Andy, but his friends choose to stay, but they are unaware of Lotso’s bad intentions, who will make their lives impossible.

PLACE 2: “TOY STORY” (1995)

The moment when Bozz goes to rescue Woody and Jessie in "toy story 2" (Photo: Pixar)
The moment when Bozz goes to rescue Woody and Jessie in “Toy Story 2” (Photo: Pixar)
  • Score: 100%
  • Summary of the review: “Toy Story” was hailed by critics as entertaining and innovative, revitalizing animation.
  • Synopsis: In “Toy Story” we see that on Andy’s birthday, his toys devise a plan to see which ones with the new gifts that their owner will receive, among them is the space ranger Buzz Lightyear, who quickly becomes the child’s favorite, making Woody jealous.

PLACE 1: “TOY STORY 2″ (1999)

Woody makes fun of Bozz because he claims he's a Guardian of Space in "toy story" (Photo: Pixar)
Woody makes fun of Bozz because he claims he is a space ranger in “Toy Story” (Photo: Pixar)
  • Score: 100%
  • Summary of the review: For critics, “Toy Story 2″ surpassed its predecessor with clever storytelling, superb animation and a talented cast to deliver another rich cinematic experience for all ages.
  • Synopsis: In the second installment of “Toy Story”, Woody is stolen from his home by toy salesman Al McWhiggin, who discovers that he is a valuable collectible. As his friends seek to rescue him, the cowboy discovers who he really is and is reunited with his horse Bullseye and Jessie, the singing cowgirl. He encourages them to leave, but Foreman initially convinces him, though he later realizes it was all a setup.
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