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Get to know the virtual platform that tells you where to go as soon as an earthquake occurs in Lima | #WeReady

Clarification: Clarification: This report was initially published last December as part of El Comercio’s #EstemosListos campaign and updated today after the 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Lima.

The earthquakes, just like any other natural disaster, they do not warn, they just happen. Hence, prevention is important. What would happen if at this very moment, for example, a seismic event of such magnitude occurs that it leaves your home uninhabitable and you are literally left on the street? What would I do? Where would you go? Faced with situations like this, the authorities have been working so that people know what to do.

A platform with valuable information

The Municipality of Lima implemented the Virtual Map of Safe Areas, an online platform that contains first-hand information on the different external meeting points and the location of shelters in the event of emergencies and / or disasters. The aim is that the residents of the city can identify these points in a preventive way.

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In this platform you can find places such as police stations, fire stations, serenazgo booths, common pots, shelters, health establishments, among others, both in Cercado Lima, and in all the districts of Metropolitan Lima.

The tool allows determining, by means of georeferential permission, the real-time location of the citizen and tracing the route to the chosen points. Furthermore, it is possible to specify the search radius.

In dialogue with Trade, Javier Erken, deputy manager of Civil Defense of the Municipality of Lima, indicated that for the elaboration of this map, a work was first carried out to collect information from all the districts of Lima. Likewise, he specified that the information was shared with the Digital Government Submanagement so that it is in charge of the technical and technological part.

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First we collect information from all the districts, both Cercado and Metropolitan Lima, to see where the police stations, fire companies and other meeting points are located. All this information was validated, we consolidated it and then we shared it with the Digital Government Sub-management to place it on a virtual map. In this way, the ordinary citizen, wherever he is, can access this platform“, he pointed.

Erken explained that the project lasted about a month and a half, collecting and validating the information, as well as putting it to the test. Then the white march was made, it was found to work well and it was launched to the public.

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Step by step to access the virtual map

1. To enter the Virtual Map of Safe Areas you just have to access this link, through a mobile device, computer, tablet or laptop. The link can also be found on the Facebook pages of the Municipality of Lima and of Lima Disaster Risk Management.

2. Turn on the GPS and search the location range.

2. Select the desired category: Police Station, Firefighters, Temporary Shelters, Meeting Points, Hydrants, Serenazgo Booths, Common Pots and Health Establishments.

3. Establish the georeferential range: None, 100 m, 200 m, 300 m, 400 m, 500 m, 1 km.

If the citizen wants to go to the nearest health center, he can click on that option and also select the distance range, which is up to 500 meters. The purpose is that you have all this information consolidated in a single platform. This tool can be replicated by all the other districts of Metropolitan Lima, who have been asked for their support in giving us the validated information of the parks or meeting points that they deem convenient.”, Explained the deputy manager of Civil Defense of the Lima commune.

Along these lines, the specialist said that in the case of temporary shelters, they will be used in a larger emergency and in which people lose their homes. “The idea is that people know where they can go in the event of a natural disaster and they lose everything. They can also find out what fire companies are in their district, many don’t”He added.

Erken pointed out that the Municipality of Lima has been working so that the Virtual Map of Safe Areas It can be downloaded through an application, by App Store or Play Store.


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