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God of War reaches 65,000 simultaneous users on Steam

God of War has only been on PC for 24 hours and is already the most downloaded on Steam. There is no doubt that many games were eagerly awaiting the arrival of triple A PlayStation titles on computers. As expected, the numbers are really surprising.

Just on his first day God of War has managed to exceed the mark of 65,000 simultaneous users on the platform and the numbers are increasing. It sits below Football Manager 2022, Team Fortress 2, and Destiny 2.

The title from Santa Monica Studios has managed to beat NFT MIRA 4, FIFA 22, 7 Days to Die and even Rocket League, one of the favorites of eSports fans. Without a doubt, it is a very good indicator for Sony to continue working on the ‘port’ of other PlayStation titles to PC.

Community Feedback

I have been waiting for GOW ever since it was announced for Steam. This game has left me speechless. They have made an incredible port: the landscape, the story and the characters are beautiful. I have no gaming problem (everything is perfect)”, writes HelenaWinterGirl.

Of the best games ever created, Cory Balrog pulls off an incredibly effective adventure in all aspects; narratively, playably, entertainment, interest and above all the game in plane-sequence, with a couple”, adds Forista.

It works great, the combat is brutal, very similar to that of The Witcher 3 and Shadows of Mordor and it can be played perfectly with keyboard and mouse, it is not noticeable (as far as I have seen) that the game comes from consoles”, details Ryanuve.

God of War reaches 65,000 simultaneous users on Steam. (Photo: Steam)

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