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Government will send a FAP plane to repatriate Peruvians who are in Ukraine, reports Foreign Ministry

Lima, February 25, 2022Updated on 02/25/2022 09:05 am

Faced with the massive military offensive by the Russian Federation, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, César Landa, announced that the Government will send a plane from the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) for the repatriation of Peruvians who are in Ukraine .

Through a publication on the institution’s official Twitter account, the foreign minister stated that attention to the situation of our compatriots in Ukraine. Until now there are 291 Peruvians registered at the consulate.

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This morning from an event in Puente Piedra, the President Pedro Castillo announced this provision to send ships to serve compatriots in Ukraine. He pointed out that this measure is coordinated with the Ministry of Defense.

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“Today we have arranged for these brothers that because of the problems, the conflicts that have lately existed in Ukraine, we have just arranged for some planes to be made available through the Ministry of Defense to rescue our brothers and come to the country because that’s what it’s all about, protect our brothers “, he pointed.

As is public, in a statement released early this Friday, February 25, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the “act of aggression” by Russia vs. Ukraine and called for a ceasefire and ceasefire.

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At the same time he reaffirmed his demand for the immediate start of inquiries and negotiations for a diplomatic, peaceful and negotiated solutionin compliance with the principles and obligations contained in the Charter of the United Nations, which bind all States.

In addition, he reported that a permanent consular emergency unit has been established to protect and care for all Peruvians who are in Ukraine, including their transfer to third countries or their repatriation.

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