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GTA VI will feature several cities around the world and would have 500 hours of gameplay


Rumors continue about Grand Theft Auto VI. The developer Rockstar Games has not released many clues about what the next big installment in the franchise will be. For now, we know that the project would be under development since 2014 and expectations continue to rise.

Analyst Michael Pachter, director of research at the financial firm Wedbush Securities, pointed out in a video for the SIFTD Games channel that GTA VI would have multiple locations, based on all previous games in the series. It is even estimated that the open world title would promise 500 hours of play.

GTA VI it has been in development since 2014. They may not have been writing code since then because they were still deciding the story, but in 2015 they were already writing code”Patcher commented.

“These guys are working hard to create amazing content, but GTA VI is going to take them 10 years or more. The reason is that, as I understand it, it is a mixture of Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City and Europe, probably London. You will be able to go anywhere on those continents, and there will be quests that will take you to all those places.”he added.

Pachter also gave details about the dynamics of the game of Rockstar Gamers. “That’s what they’re doing now, that’s what they’ve turned GTA VI into. I get it because they say: we’ll charge you $60 and then we’ll give you an online experience and you’ll have to take drugs from London to Los Angeles, you’ll have to go through the port of Miami… They’re going to do some really cool stuff.”.

Rumors suggest that the launch of GTA VI is scheduled for 2025.

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