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“Hatun Phaqcha, Tierra Sana” hits theaters this February 17

Updated on 02/16/2022 04:49 pm

“Hatun Phaqcha, Tierra Sana” documentary on Peruvian ‘superfoods’ directed by Delia Ackermann and which is the result of nine years of work, will be released in Peruvian cinemas this Thursday, February 17.

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This production collects testimonies from peasants, academics, anthropologists, cooks and was recorded in various cities of Peru. It addresses issues such as food security, health, climate change, illegal logging, cattle ranching, monoculture, etc.

“’Hatun phaqcha’ means great waterfall, because for the Andean cosmovision, water is the origin of an environmentalist vision”explained Ackerman, who was able to learn about ancestral foods and the heirs of the legacy passed down from generation to generation.

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Film at the 2021 Lima Film Festival, and also the Environment Award at the Toronto Women Film Festival, “Hatun Phaqcha, Tierra Sana” has been pre-selected for the 2022 Platinum Awards in the Best Documentary Film category.


Peru is the country of origin of many highly nutritious products that are known as “superfoods” throughout the world. However, contemporary Peru also has high rates of malnutrition and eating habits that do not include many products from its rich agricultural and cultural heritage. The ancient inhabitants of Peru were able to domesticate and cultivate an astonishing number of nutritious crops thanks to the fact that the country is home to the widest spectrum of climates in the world and a wide range of ecosystems. “Hatun Phaqcha, Healthy Land” It shows the importance of conservation and good care of these foods and raises questions about the region’s vulnerability to the demands of a market that promotes monoculture and the threat of climate change.


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