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He wants to unmask him: Tebas dedicates a letter to Floretino for “damaging LaLiga’s reputation”

The president of The league, Javier Tebas, sent this Sunday a letter to the Spanish professional football clubs to “not let go” of the continuous attempts “led by the presidency of the Real Madrid to confuse and boycott any initiative ”for collective growth, the last one from LaLiga Impulso.

In a tough five page letter, Thebes charge against Florentino perez, president of the ‘white’ club, especially for the ‘Sustainable Project’ together with Barça and Athletic Club, an alternative to the Impulse of the employer, which “eAt no time have they shared with LaLiga“, neither “your approach, or details of the proposal”.

Thebes in his letter he refers to the fact that “The accusation of legal fraud is the constant argument of Real Madrid since the Assembly of June 19, 2015″. “Since then, each growth initiative, each proposal to improve, has been systematically prosecuted by Real Madrid. And it is also systematically unauthorized in the courts as it has been materialized in almost 40 judicial resolutions that, far from weakening LaLiga’s position, have reinforced it and paradoxically thanks to the ‘litigious effort’ of Real Madrid“Writes Thebes.

To this must be added his lack of respect and disloyalty shown not only against LaLiga but also against the rest of the clubs by failing to comply with the rules approved by all the clubs aimed at the growth and development of the competition.“, Add.

In addition, the president of The league is surprised that Florentine link “the viability of its economic proposal to the growth of audiovisual rights“, Which are under the greatest threat of”its continuous stratagems to destabilize and generate uncertainty”. “His personal Super League project or this latest maneuver of the sustainable project are stones that he puts on the path of common growth because he is not interested in a stronger League. It goes against your personal projects”, He points out Thebes.

The sustainable project is not executable. It requires that the clubs request consent from their creditors to incorporate a new ‘super-senior’ creditor, ahead of them on the collection ladder. Receiving a proposal from Real Madrid lacks all credibility, since their words are belied by their actions“, He adds in his letter Thebes.

Fortunately, all the clubs and much of society know the ways of doing of Real Madrid or its president, with continuous disqualifications, media attacks with the usual media, political pressure, pressure on other agents of the industry. A large majority have already unmasked the supposed ‘savior’ of football. In his opinion, others do not count and do not know how to manage their clubs.“, ends.

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