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Hernando Cevallos: “It is undeniable that we have problems in the Minsa, there is a climate of confusion”

The former Minister of Health Hernando Cevallos indicated this Thursday that there is a “climate of confusion” within the Ministry of Health (Minsa) due to a “rupture” between the current head of the sector, Hernan Condori, with scientific organizations and the Medical College of Peru (PNP). He mentioned that this situation is compounded by the resignation of personnel in charge of the vaccination process against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“It is undeniable that we have problems in the Minsa, of course we do. The resignation of valuable people, there is a climate of confusion, the rupture with the medical scientific organizations and with the College (Peru’s Doctor) puts the ministry in a complicated situation”, he detailed in dialogue with radio Santa Rosa.

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He indicated that if Hernan Condori is removed from office and they place someone else as head of the Minsa, what must be stated in the Health sector is “a route that seeks the right to health”.

“I can easily say that the minister leaves, another one can come and things may not change, they may even get worse. (…) We need a person at the head of the Ministry of Health who has a level of leadership over this team that he understands that if we do not join the entire national force to face the health situation, we are not going to do it “he asserted.

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Cevallos: “There are undeniable problems in the Minsa, there is a climate of confusion”

“It is not just a matter -from my point of view- to say that Condori should leave, because things are not resolved as they have been for many years in the country”he added.

Last Wednesday, the Popular Force bench presented a motion of censure against Minister Condori, whose departure – due to lack of suitability for the position – is also demanded by different medical unions.

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Regarding the statements of Dr. Condori Machado about an alleged mafia within the Minsa that would be behind the demand for his departure from the sector, Cevallos indicated that it should be specified who would be part of it.

“I spoke with Minister Condori precisely when he made these statements, he told me: ‘No, I am not referring to you, I am referring to previous efforts.’ And I tell him: ‘what you have said is not exactly that, you have to specify in any case if you have found something. Because you are, not only in some way involving not only ministers, but workers, officials, even the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, which has carried out all these processes indiscriminately,” detailed.

If you have any complaint of irregularity, which seems fine to me if you find it, you have to state it clearly so that this is clarified, investigated, sanctionedbut do not use this type of complaint to cover any disadvantage that you may have in popularity, or in relation to some medical institutions. He told me he was going to need this.” added.

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Asked if he would become Minister of Health again, in case President Pedro Castillo decided to remove Hernán Condori due to the various questions against him, Cevallos announced that he would not accept.

“No, the truth is that it is not in my plans to return. Right now I’m managing an internship at the Children’s Hospital, which is what I do, it’s pediatrics, neonatology and I’m focused on that at the moment “, pointed out.

The current Minister of Health is questioned from various instances for his lack of suitability to hold office, for having promoted products without scientific support, practicing obstetrics without having the specialty, being investigated for the alleged crimes of improper charges and incompatible negotiation in Junín , among others.

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