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Hernando Cevallos on COVID-19 cases in children: “We were at an average of 500 and now we have risen to 2,000”


The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, reported this Saturday that to date an increase in infections has been reported in children with COVID-19, but that in the vast majority of cases, minors develop a mild to moderate disease. This situation occurs in the midst of the third wave of the pandemic in the country, where positive diagnoses are also increasing in other age groups.

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The The number of children infected with COVID-19 has increased four times more in our country. We were at an average of 500 and now we have gone up to 2000, this number is moving. In general, they are mild to moderate cases. The few cases that are complicated have to do with children who have previous comorbidities that affect their immune system “, he pointed out during statements to the press at an event from the Cercado de Lima.


The omicron variant of COVID-19 is rapidly expanding throughout the world and Peru is no exception, studies suggest that it is the most contagious to date.

Given this context, Cevallos added that in the same way, in this scenario, care must be taken because the increase in the proportion of minors who can infect people would continue to be reported. COVID-19. In that sense, he said that for now vaccination of minors is essential.

“It is clear that children must be vaccinated, that is why the Ministry of Health until now what it does is recommend the vaccination of children as a priority.”, he remarked.

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The head of the Minsa explained that the minor after passing the table of COVID-19 you can wait a month to start your immunization process.

Regarding this topic, the National Institute of Child Health-Breña Indian that he Greater number of reported positive cases of COVID-19 in minors can be managed at home because they are mild and have a favorable evolution.

No compulsory vaccination is contemplated for minors to return to classes

Given the forthcoming start of vaccination for children between 5 and 11 years of age, the Minister Cevallos affirmed that until now vaccination in children is not mandatory for returning to classes. However, he stressed that everything will depend on the epidemiological situation in the country.

“Vaccination is not mandatory in Peru, we will see the epidemiological situation in the country at the time, if it is necessary to take a greater restrictive measure, now no restrictive measure has been decided except to encourage and explain to parents the need to get vaccinated . The right to vaccination is a universal right. sentenced.

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Next week starts in Peru the vaccination against COVID-19 of children aged 5 to 11 years, until now the youngest age group to receive drug protection.

According to the Ministry of Health, the first batch of vaccines for this age group will arrive in the country on January 18, while the immunization process will begin between the 19th and 20th of this month.

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According to the protocol, It will start with minors who present comorbidities or immunosuppression, and then continue with the group of 10 to 11 years old, 8 to 9 years old, and children 5 to 7 years old..

According to the criteria of

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Faced with the third wave of infections by COVID-19 and the advance of the omicron variant in our country, the infectologist of the National Institute of Health (INS), Luis Pampa, explains what the ideal mask is to avoid contagion and how it should be used.




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